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403, 2015

USA Green Card Lottery – Participation of your application in a drawing

Participation of your application in a drawing But even if you are persuaded that such a possibility exists, how can they prove that it was they who helped you win! It's like being told to pay $10,000 if it rains tomorrow. If it doesn't rain, you won't pay. In any case, they have nothing to lose. Another type of firm provides a "free" service for Lottery participation. Here it is a good time to remember the saying "Free cheese only comes in a mousetrap". They make money on something, don't they! A prime example is the NVSC (National Visa Service Center). They published an advertisement in a well-known national newspaper and introduced themselves as the European Centre, so they collected lottery forms from a great number of people. However, nothing was said about the functions they perform or how much they charge for their services. Six months later - a nasty surprise in the form of a letter from NVSC: an offer to pay $52 for postage and $300 for services rendered. Of course, most people paid nothing, but the chance to enter the lottery was lost to them.

2502, 2015

USA Green Card Lottery – Tourism in the USA

Tourism in the USA What is needed to participate? In this unique country you can visit National Parks, international sporting events and cultural events on a world scale. In the USA you can find health and wellness resorts, recreation centres for children and adults, visit major memorials, including: In this unique country you can visit National Parks, international sporting events and cultural events on a world scale. The White House and Capitol, a stronghold of American power; Disneyland is the dream of children of all ages and many adults; The Niagara Falls, located on the border with Canada; The Statue of Liberty, which may not be mentioned or written about due to its enormous popularity... A Monument to the Megapolis The United States has a number of cities that are generally fascinating destinations. Among the leaders are the unique New York, the business-like Washington DC, the glittering San Francisco and the glamorous Los Angeles. Each of them has its own unique aura, has a long history, many memorials and witnesses of important political, social and cultural events. Each of the above-mentioned megapolises has great recreational potential. Whether urban architecture or historical monuments, top museums and shopping and entertainment centres Подробнее...

1602, 2015

USA Green Card Lottery – The Green Card Application Procedure: Difficult but not Impossible

The Green Card Application Procedure: Difficult but not Impossible Once you have obtained a green card, you no longer have to worry about the terms of your legal stay in the United States: at the end of the 10 years for which the green card is issued, its validity can be renewed through a non-scheduled procedure. In addition, after 5 years from the date of issuance of the passport, the holder of the passport may apply for US citizenship. In general, it can be said that the legal status of a holder of a Green Card is largely identical to that of a US citizen, except for the lack of such rights as the right to vote, to hold certain public offices, and so on. This explains the lack of a continuous list of applicants for the Green Card. So, let's find out who can get a green card in the United States? There is a list of categories of people who are eligible for a green card: A male/female U.S. citizen/permanent resident of the United States; Close relatives of a US citizen/permanent resident (children, fathers, brothers, sisters); "Immigrant workers" (individuals who have received an offer of employment from Подробнее...

1501, 2015

USA Green Card Lottery – What do Green Card Holders Need to Know?

What do Green Card Holders Need to Know? Such problems arise primarily for those who have been continuously outside the USA for a year or more. Or if you go abroad permanently - for six months to a year. In this case, you may be referred to the immigration office. Where you will have to prove that your connection to America is in fact strong and reliable. Proof of this can be many facts. For example, you have real estate in the U.S., your family lives here, you study or work in America, and you file your taxes on time. It is also a good idea to submit your U.S. driving licence, credit cards and personal bank statements from American banks, insurance policies - in short, all documents that show that you are inextricably linked to America. If you are not successful in convincing immigration officials of this, you are likely to be stripped of your Green Card. The Green Card is also a travel document that allows you to leave and return to the United States. However, if you need to stay outside the U.S. for more than a year for some reason, you must obtain a special Подробнее...

501, 2015

USA Green Card Lottery – Ukraine Surpasses Russia in the number of Green Cards

Ukraine Surpasses Russia in the number of Green Cards Overall, according to the consul, 9 million 388,986 people applied for the Green Card in all countries of the world in 2015, including 14 million 397,781 people with members of their families. In 2014, a total of 9,374,191 persons were eligible and 14,633,767 were members of their families. No country can receive more than 7% of the total conditional number of Green Cards - 55,000 per year, said the Consul. The consul stated that there are two reasons for refusing an immigrant visa - incorrect biographical information - date of birth, name, surname, place of birth and another reason - incomplete information about family members. He therefore recommended to fill in the visa application form by yourself without any visa mediator, as a mistake could disqualify the application. "Every person has the possibility to apply only once", said the consul. Application on the website of the US embassy in Ukraine is free of charge, but intermediary agencies charge a fee, the consul said. In addition, some agencies certify that they are accredited by the US Embassy. The consul said: "There are no intermediary agencies accredited by the Embassy". The only Подробнее...