Participation of your application in a drawing

But even if you are persuaded that such a possibility exists, how can they prove that it was they who helped you win! It’s like being told to pay $10,000 if it rains tomorrow. If it doesn’t rain, you won’t pay. In any case, they have nothing to lose.

Another type of firm provides a “free” service for Lottery participation. Here it is a good time to remember the saying “Free cheese only comes in a mousetrap”. They make money on something, don’t they! A prime example is the NVSC (National Visa Service Center). They published an advertisement in a well-known national newspaper and introduced themselves as the European Centre, so they collected lottery forms from a great number of people. However, nothing was said about the functions they perform or how much they charge for their services. Six months later – a nasty surprise in the form of a letter from NVSC: an offer to pay $52 for postage and $300 for services rendered. Of course, most people paid nothing, but the chance to enter the lottery was lost to them.