Questions and Answers

What services does your company provide when registering a Green Card lottery entry?

Our company provides full advice on the data for completing the registration form, your details are fully verified to ensure that no incomplete or incorrect information is submitted. This service will allow you to avoid problems after you have won and minimise the likelihood of your immigration visa being refused.

We will electronically process photographs of all family members as required by the Green Card lottery organisers.

We will also register your entry form electronically in good time, guaranteeing you entry into the forthcoming raffle.

In what cases can a drawing application be disqualified?

Incorrect completion of the application can lead to disqualification of the participant already at the application stage. Such errors may include incorrect format and cropping of photographs (the most common error), mistakes in the last name, not matching the last name of the spouse or not valid data about the family and children listed on the application form.

Also a reminder that duplicate entries that supposedly increase the chances of winning will be immediately disqualified!

For this reason, in order to guarantee your participation in the lottery and to minimise the likelihood of being refused a DV visa, you are better advised to seek the services of professionals. Our company has been helping Ukrainian and European families to immigrate to the USA for many years.

In addition, we accompany participants from the start of their application to the processing of the necessary certificates, obtaining the visa and travelling to the USA.

Are there any privileges in the Green Card lottery?

Green Card lottery prizes are allocated on a purely random basis and do not depend on age, nationality, profession, country of residence, etc. Incorrectly drawn and duplicated entries will be cancelled.

Read more to companies or various ‘official representatives’ of consulates who guarantee you a hundred percent lottery win – if the fraud is exposed, your application or visa is cancelled forever!

Do I have to know English to enter the Green Card lottery?

You do not need to be fluent in English to enter the Green Card lottery and have an interview at a US embassy.

Can spouses apply separately?

Yes, they can. An application made on behalf of a married family has a double chance of success in the Green Card lottery. It is possible to register first on behalf of the male principal applicant and then on behalf of the wife principal applicant, which will include all family members.

It is not advisable for spouses to register entries at different locations or companies, as this will result in duplicate entries in the lottery and disqualification of those entries. Our company will ensure correct entry registration will help your entire family to enter the lottery and increase your chances of winning the lottery.

Can a third party apply on my behalf?

Yes, it can. It can be your friend, acquaintance, relative, lawyer or other trusted person. Regardless of who is applying, only one application can be made on your behalf.

As the result of your entry into the Green Card lottery is verified through the use of a unique reference number that is displayed immediately after you enter the lottery online, it is strongly recommended that you obtain this number immediately after you enter the lottery, record it and keep it until you are able to check the results on the official website.

Do I have to list children from other marriages on the form?

Yes, you do. Children from other marriages as well as adopted children. You do not have to list children who are US residents.

Do you need a photo of each family member, or just the main applicant?

For the electronic entry to the raffle you need your personal photograph, your spouse with whom or which you are currently legally married, and photographs of all children under the age of 21 for whom you have legal parental authority.

If I have already applied for another category of immigrant visa for the USA, can I participate in the Green Card lottery at the same time?

Yes, you can apply and participate in the lottery.

Is there a minimum age requirement for the lottery?

No, there is no minimum age requirement. But the current requirement of an average of 12 years of education automatically excludes most lottery participants under the age of 18.

What is the procedure for selecting the winning bids?

After the entries are completed, the computer will randomly select the winning entries among all those received from the same region. Each entry within its region will have an equal chance of winning. Once the winning entries have been selected, lottery participants will be able to check the status of their entry on the official Green Card lottery website.

Lottery participants who have not been selected as winners will not receive a message.