Ukraine Surpasses Russia in the number of Green Cards

Overall, according to the consul, 9 million 388,986 people applied for the Green Card in all countries of the world in 2015, including 14 million 397,781 people with members of their families. In 2014, a total of 9,374,191 persons were eligible and 14,633,767 were members of their families. No country can receive more than 7% of the total conditional number of Green Cards – 55,000 per year, said the Consul.

The consul stated that there are two reasons for refusing an immigrant visa – incorrect biographical information – date of birth, name, surname, place of birth and another reason – incomplete information about family members. He therefore recommended to fill in the visa application form by yourself without any visa mediator, as a mistake could disqualify the application. “Every person has the possibility to apply only once”, said the consul.

Application on the website of the US embassy in Ukraine is free of charge, but intermediary agencies charge a fee, the consul said. In addition, some agencies certify that they are accredited by the US Embassy. The consul said: “There are no intermediary agencies accredited by the Embassy”.

The only way to check whether a person has won the Green Card is to go to the US Embassy website and enter their registration number, which is how the application was filled in, John Sarraf said.

Most often immigrants who come to the US for green cards settle in New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan.